Cramer For Chefs

Cramer Ice Cream for your lodge

Tailor-made solutions for your lodge or hotel

Serve your guests premium ice cream - even in the remotest places of the country

All you need is electricity and we take care of the rest:
  • We designed an ICE CREAM POWDER, based exactly on our recipe. Your advantage is, that we replaced the fresh milk and cream with full-cream milk powder and cream powder, meaning you just have to mix our powder with water to get an ice cream mix having the exact composition of the one we use.
  • Now you need an ICE CREAM BATCH FREEZER, a small machine, that churns and cools your ice cream mix until it is frozen. Based on the size of your operation and the amount of ice cream you need, we have two different models to choose from.
  • We TEACH YOUR STAFF how to handle the ice cream batch freezer as well as how to prepare the different flavors. To do this, we'll send an ice cream chef for two to three days to you.
  • You want to present your ice cream on your buffet or sell it at your pool? We put you in touch with people selling the right DISPLAY FREEZER for your needs.

Please contact us for more information and to schedule a demonstration:

 or 081 277 17 22 or 081 365 68 58

We look forward to hear from you!


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